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Opening hours 1/31 ~2/9

We had a lovely reopening night yesterday. It is so nice to see so many familiar faces again.

As we are slowly making everything working, we will take the weekend lunch days off until we have enough help to run smoothly.

Please see the business hours below for the coming 2 weeks, we’ll soon open for more hours to provide a better service!

Jan 31, Fri : 12pm ~ 9pm

Feb 1, Sat : 4pm~ 9pm

Feb 2, Sun : 3pm~ 9pm

Feb 5, Wed : 12pm ~ 9pm

Feb 6, Thu : 12pm ~ 9pm

Feb 7, Fri : 12pm ~ 9pm

Feb 8, Sat : 4pm~ 9pm

Feb 9, Sun : 4pm~ 9pm

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