Special Bowen Delivery

Special Bowen Delivery

We now offer special deliver to Bowen Island every Saturday whenever we have 5 customers signing up!

We’ll be delivering to a pick up spot for everyone to pick up!
Generally we will take the 4:35pm ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove.
The pickup point will be at the parking lot at the Bowen Island Community School (up the hill). (updated Apr 11. 2021)

If you’d like to place an order on a certain date, please RSVP from the link below to register!

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  1. Virginia Penny March 19, 2021

    are you delivering to Bowen this Saturday, March 20? Hi, If you are delivering we will put in an order if you let us know before noon Saturday. Thanks! Virginia Penny 6048090144 PS: Your email address on the Bowen page did not go through thus I am writing you here. Cheers, Virginia

  2. ccdm March 19, 2021

    Yes! You are still more than welcome to put in your orders. If you'd like to place an order, please place it before 12pm on Saturday, the 20th on our online store and leave SPECIAL BOWEN DELIVERY as a note in your order. ( Visit the link for instructions on how to leave a note : https://capheights.ca/?p=28697) Please specify the pick up time at 3pm on Mar 20th. ( or anytime between 3 to 5pm if 3pm is not available) Online Store Link : https://ccs-chinese-restaurant-online-order.square.site/ We will take the 4:35pm ferry to Snug Cove on Saturday so will be there around 5pm. The pickup point will be at the LOWER parking lot NEXT to the General Store, NOT the main parking lot.

  3. CINDY LEE DE CONNICK April 2, 2021

    I forgot to add SPECIAL BOWEN DELIVERY as a note on my order for April 3rd delivery. I have responded to the order confirmation email I received requesting that it be added. Can you please confirm that you have added that note for me. Thanking you Cindy

    1. ccdm April 2, 2021

      Thank you for your order and thank you for checking in to confirm. We'll make sure it goes with the delivery tomorrow.


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