Instruction for Bowen Delivery

Welcome to use our online order system! Please click the link below to place your order!


Please take a moment to read this post for instruction on how to leave a note as “SPECIAL BOWEN DELIVERY” for your online order.

1. Pick and choose your items on our online store.

2. Click on the shopping cart on the top right.


 3. Click on “Checkout

4. At the second step “STORE PICKUP” after the first step “YOUR DETAIL”, choose “Schedule for later“, click on the drop down menu to choose the date of the delivery and choose 3pm .

5. Fulfill your information at the third step “PAYMENT INFORMATION” and leave the “SPECIAL BOWEN DELIVERY” note in the input field at the last step “REVIEW & SUBMIT ORDER“.


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  1. Don April 10, 2021

    Hi CC’s - we loved your food delivery to Bowen island a few weeks ago and are ordering again tonight. We wanted to make a logistics suggestion, though - the lower parking lot at the general store gets really crowded, especially as the ferry is loading at the same time. There is a pizza company who delivers every other week and they use the parking lot at the Bowen Island Community School (up the hill) to distribute orders. There’s a lot more room and it’s safer for people to turn around. There is also a ledge where they put the orders out with our names written in marker, so we just take turns stepping forward. It’s generally much easier to social distance. Not sure how they arranged it, but if you are looking for a less cramped spot to coordinate your delivery (especially as I’m sure you’ll become more popular!) I could see if the pizza person would be willing to share with you. You may have already thought of this, but if not I thought I’d let you know. Thanks Don

    1. ccdm April 10, 2021

      Hi Don, Thank you so much for the suggestion! We've been evaluating the possibility to move the pick up location as well. We'll make a decision in these couple of days and send out an email to inform everyone if we decide to move to the school parking lot. Until then, we will still do the pick up at the parking lot next to the general store today though. See you later and thanks again!


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